About us

The Hungarian Network for Canadian Studies welcomes you here on our homepage.
We operate as a community of the Hungarian members of the Central European Association for Canadian Studies (ICCS/CEACS).

Many of our members are acclaimed experts of Canadian culture and literature, while we also take pride in our young and in the creative members who represent areas like law, media and political science. We are offering information on the various fields of activity our members are involved in. What we all share is the love and appreciation for Canada, her people and culture.

We communicate here in English, however, those who pursue their studies and/or research in French and are Quebec fans can also find a specific space to communicate on their interests.  Get involved, participate in our events and enjoy what Canada offers for the global public with her values, experiences and attractions. 

It is since the late 1970s and early 1980s that Canadian Studies started to develop in Hungary. First, it was courses given on English Canadian literature to be followed by courses on Québec literature that made students become interested in Canada at various universities. Before long, a large number of students have chosen a Canadian theme for their B.A. or M.A. theses and also for their PhD. Because of the ever increasing enthusiasm expressed towards the then new discipline, two generations of Canadianists have grown up by now.

There are eight Canadian Studies Centres in the country whose activities are manifold focusing on teaching and reasearch in various areas within Canadian studies. The centres have welcomed many writers and scholars from Canada whose contribution to our work is of great significance. We have organized several international conferences on different Canada related themes.

Canadianists include not only literary scholars, but linguists, sociologist, lawyers, and economists as well.

In harmony with our past, at present our community incorporates not only academics, researchers, students, but in a broader sense all those interested in studying the blend of cultures and values Canada stands for. Our aim is to accumulate and disseminate a profound knowledge of Canada.