Canadian Studies at Eszterhazy Karoly University of Applied Sciences

Ongoing research projects:

Cultural Reader Series – Mátyás Bánhegyi

Marshall McLuhan, Walter Ong – Dóra Bernhardt

Shifting emphasis and indigenization in the self-portraits and autobiographical pieces by contemporary blended heritage visual artists and writers of the Southwest/NM and Métis Canada since the 1960s –  Judit Kádár

The Northern myth in Canadian art and poetry, Canadian identities in literature; John Coulter and the mythe of Louis Riel – Krisztina Kodó

Open government initiatives (open data, open standards, open source) – Gábor László

Montreal revisited by Anglophone and Allophone writers (city and space), the history of English Canadian literature (in Hungarian) – Judit Molnár

History before 1867, birth of Canada – István Molnár

Weather Images in Canadain Literaature, East Asian Canadians, Cultural Reader Series – Judit Nagy

Transcultural communities; the literature of the  Hungarian and the South-Asian diasporas in Canada – Mária Palla

Canada’s – and in a wider sense  North America’s –  (wanted or imposed) role in shaping world politics through legistlation and (true or assumed) power of resources., Centrally directed democracies – North-America, the EU, Socialism and Communism – A global legal-sociological-economic approach., Current-day interpretation of Liberalism vs. Neo-liberalism in a European and global context (a legal-historic and economic approach void of any value-judgement). – Kálmán Richter

Canadian Female Gothic Literature, Neo-Gothic Literature, Alice Munro’s Fiction – Andrea Szabó F.

Hungarian immigrants in Canada, Sociolinguistic analysis of Hungarian hip hop – Eszter Szabó-Gilinger

Hungarians in the Canadian Theatre – Péter Szaffkó

Hungarian diaspora literature, Reception of Canadian literature in Hungary – Gertrud Szamosi

Kunuk’s movies, Native representations in Hollywood movies – Attila Takács

Inuit cultural and religious practices, history of geographic discoveries, exploration of the North – Miklós Vassányi