Canadian Cityscapes panel at the Arts and the City conference

Arts and the City Conference | 23-24 May 2019, Budapest
Károli Gáspár University & The Hungarian Academy of Sciences

The Arts and the City Conference co-organized by Károli Gáspár University’s Institute of English Studies and the Institute of Philosophy at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences was held in Budapest between 23-24 May 2019. The keynote speakers included Andrew Gibson (Royal Holloway, University of London), Bernardine Evaristo (writer, London) and Noémi Szécsi (writer, Budapest). The international conference explored various forms of art in the modern urban environment, including portrayal of cities in literary texts, films, and the visual arts as well as the history of architecture, street art, and performing arts. The academic gathering aimed to map the role of the arts in the context of urbanisation, global capitalism and digital technologies, focusing on urban paradigms such as the modern city, the creative city, the playable city, and the smart city, sustainable city, liveable city, among others.

The papers presented in the panel titled Canadian Cityscapes focused on the literary portrayal of Canadian urban spaces.

The Multifarious Representation of Urban Space in Contemporary English-Language Fiction Writing, Judit Molnár, University of Debrecen

Literary representations of Toronto in Ins Choi’s “Kim’s Convenience”, Judit Nagy, Károli University

For the detailed conference program, please visit the website of the conference.