Online conference: New pathways in Anglophone literary and cultural studies in pandemic times

Conference schedule: 
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Friday, November 20
14:00 DON SPARLING (Masaryk University)
“Something we can’t see is causing us to die” Books: Pandemics and Canadian Literature

15:30 JAN ČAPEK (Masaryk University)
A Self Inflicted Wound: Isolation in The Lighthouse ( 2019)

IVANA PLEVÍKOVÁ (Masaryk University)
Reflections of Margaret Atwood’s Dystopias in the Pandemic of 2020

ALEŠ VRBATA (State University of Feira de Santana, Bahia, Brazil)
Quebec and its Cultural Complex: Closer Look at Quebecois Psyche from Jungian Perspective

MARTIN ONDRYÁŠ (Masaryk University)
The Price of Progress: Selected Contemporary Issues of Indigenous Peoples in Canada

Saturday, November 21

10:00 MATHIAS CLASEN (Aarhus University, Denmark) 
Simulating the Apocalypse: On the Adaptive Functions of Scary Stories

12:00 TAGRID MORAD (Masaryk University)
The Relevance of Margaret Mead’s Concepts in Health and Illness to the Era of COVID 19

ARUNDHATI BISWAS (University of Burdwan, India)
India: Diaspora and Cultural Displacement in the Face of Pandemic

TEREZA ŠMILAUEROVÁ (Masaryk University)
“I’d Like to Just Ask the Chinese for a Formal Apology”: The Situation of Asian Americans in the Midst of COVID 19 Pandemic

FELIX PURAT (Palacký University Olomouc)
Science Fiction as Regional Literature: A Different Perspective on Philip K. Dick a nd Other Sci Fi Writers

13.30 – 14.00 Coffee break

14:00 SAGAR DEVA (University of Leeds, UK)
Why did the UK and US fail to control Covid? Exceptionalism, Populism, and Incompetence in the Anglosphere

16.00- 17.30
Session III: Social Breakdowns and Suffering in the Anthropocene

Taken Bad: Conspiracism and/as Sickness in Diane Johnson’s The Shadow Knows

PARIN SOMANI (Independent Researcher)
Representation of COVID 19 in Anglophone L iterature and C ultural V alues in I nstitutions: Learning from the P ast and L ooking to the F uture

SARAH ROSE OLSON (Western Washington University, USA)
Interspecies Pedagogies for Educating in the Anthropocene

DENISA KRÁSNÁ (Masaryk University)
Sick Land, Sick Animals, Sick People, Sick Planet: Intersectional. Analysis of Distance as the Foundation of Exploitative Capitalism

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