Linguistics, Literature, and Translation Across Time and Space- Call for Papers

Linguistics, Literature, and Translation Across Time and Space

Call for Papers

Dear Colleagues,

It is a pleasure to invite you to our 1st International Kodolányi János University Conference 2019 “Linguistics, Literature, and Translation Across Time and Space” within the auspices of 9th KJU International Week. The Conference is organized by the Department of English Language and Literature and will take place at Kodolányi János University, in 1139 Budapest, Frangepán str. 50-56, Hungary*, 8 April, 2019.

In the event of your not being able to attend in person, you are welcome to join our conference via Skype.

The conference aims to provide a platform for researchers working in the fields of Linguistics, Literature, and Translation as well as to support and encourage young researchers by providing them an opportunity to present their findings.

The sessions will discuss a variety of topics:

  1. Study of structural levels of any language in synchrony and diachrony: phonetics, morphology, syntax, word formation, vocabulary, and phraseology. 
  2. Current approaches to interpretation and translation.
  3. Literature(s) across time and space.
  4. Transcultural identities and perspectives within literature and/or culture.
  5. Correlations of time and space within culture.

The language of the conference is English

Format of the Conference: Internet conference via Skype

Duration of presentations: 15 to 20 minutes

Registration: 50 EUR

Click on the link below for more information on our programme:

The program of the conference will be sent to participants by e-mail by the end of March 2019.

For any enquiries regarding the conference programme, please contact: Dr. Viktória Albert

It is possible to participate in the conference and discussions without contributing a presentation. 

Registration forms with abstracts and contact information are to be sent in Word format to the conference e-mail address:

To participate in the conference, please e-mail the organizing committee the following two files:

  1. an abstract (named Author’s Last Name_paper, e.g., Albert_On the Margins of Translation)
  2. a registration form (a Microsoft Office Word containing all the information about the participant) named Author’s Last Name_info, e.g., Albert_info


Abstract submission guidelines:

Full name of the applicant, title, abstract (150-200 words), followed by a list of five to eight keywords and a bio ca. 150 words. 

Important Dates:

Deadline for submission (registration form and abstract): 25 February 2019.

Deadline for full-text article submission: 31 August 2019.

After the conference, the articles will be recommended for publication. The organizing committee of the conference plans to publish the materials of the conference in FreesideEurope Online Academic Journal, an interdisciplinary journal.

Topic: “Linguistics, Literature and Translation Across Time and Space”

Freeside Europe (ISSN 1786-7967) invites authors to submit original contributions in English that fall within the focus and scope of the major topic set out by Freeside Europe Editorial Board.

Illustrations, submitted as gif or jpg files, are welcome, but authors are responsible for obtaining permission to use copyright material.

The submissions should be the result of personal research and should not have been previously published.

All submissions will be evaluated anonymously by the Journal’s Editorial Team.


Full-text article submissions (preferably in Word format) should follow the style sheet guidelines and should be sent via email to Dr. Krisztina Kodó in an attached file, and should include the following:

  • Title of contribution
  • Author’s name and surname/s
  • Institutional affiliation
  • E-mail address

For more information visit our website:   or


We look forward to your submission!




Dr. Krisztina Kodó,                           Dr. Viktória Albert                 Dr. Borka Richter

Chair of the Department                   Conference Organizer             Conference Organizer





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