University of Debrecen
Debrecen, Hungary

Contact details
University of Debrecen
North American Department
4010 Debrecen
P.Box 73

Director:  Judit Molnar

Courses with Canadian content have been offered since 1984. Since 1987 there has been a Canadian Studies Centre.

Judit Molnar -Introduction to Canada, Canadian literature , Regionalism and      multiculturalism  in Canada,  Minority literatures                                         
Peter Szaffko – Canadian drama and theatre  
Gabriella Espak – Canadian history and multiculturalism
Szabolcs Szilagyi – Canadian drama
Zoltám Simon –  culture and technology in Canada

Library holdings

Books:  Around 1500 books: around 900 primary sources and 600 secondary sources

Journals: Canadian Literature, Books in Canada, International Journal for Canadian Studies,  Journal of Canadian Studies, Canadian Theatre Review

Video and DVD library: approx.  30  

Biannual Canadian Studies conferences  since 2002. Last one in 2006.